Research Programme History & Catalogue of Publications


In 2003, a joint initiative between the IPF and the IPF Educational Trust secured cross-industry support, raising over £700,000, for a three-year research programme. Funded by 16 leading organisations and businesses from across the UK property industry, this Programme provided the UK property investment market with the delivery of substantial, objective and high quality analysis on a structured basis. Early topics addressed such matters as liquidity, stock selection and risk reduction and diversification in property portfolios.

Successive IPF Research Programmes have continued to enable the entire real estate industry to engage with other financial markets and the wider business community, as well as government, on a range of complementary issues. In the 20 years since inception, over 50 major reports have been published, covering key themes of asset allocation, risk, sustainability, pricing, depreciation an examination of real estate’s role in the mixed asset portfolio.

In 2009, a Short Paper Series was launched to address current issues facing the property investment market, allowing the publication of papers on topical subjects in a shorter time-scale. Over 30 such reports and discussion papers have been produced, ranging from an examination of what happened to loans in the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis to an investigation into the origins and scale of the real estate crowdfunding industry.

The following reports are the output from the IPF Research Programmes since inception. Please contact Chief Executive, Sue Forster ([email protected]), if you would like to quote/use any part of a report.

catalogue of publications

Note: Short Papers are listed separately at the bottom of this list. Regular surveys and reports can be found here.

Research funded and published by the IPF Research Programme 2018-2022

Research funded and published by the IPF Research Programme 2015-2018:

Research funded and published by the IPF Research Programme 2011-2015:

Research funded and published by the IPF Research Programme 2006-2009:

Short Paper Series – all reports are available to download free of charge from the Resource Library on the IPF website:

In addition to the research listed, the following research projects were funded by the IPF and IPF Educational Trust Joint Research Programme (2003-2006), some with additional partnership funding: