Proposals & Tenders

The IPF welcomes research proposals from those looking to undertake research in real estate investment. Proposals are considered by the IPF Research Steering Group, a committee of industry practitioners with a wealth of experience in both research and practice.

The research ideas that the IPF will consider progressing will be those that meet the IPF's overall aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of property as an investment asset class (both to property professionals and to those outside property). These may support or develop new or existing forms of real estate investment or improvements in the functioning of the property investment market in the UK, possibly with reference to other asset classes or real estate markets in other jurisdictions. 

In terms of research themes, specific areas of interest are asset allocation, portfolio selection and asset management.

Additionally, the Research Programme seeks to support five issues of concern identified by the IPF membership, being to enhance the understanding of:

  • How property is financed and funded
  • The impact of regulation and legislation
  • Sustainability
  • Internationalisation of real estate
  • Institutional investment in residential property

Proposals that clearly specify how the findings of such research are to be disseminated and, where applicable, how researchers will engage with industry practitioners to encourage the adoption of new approaches will be looked on with greater favour.

IPF Research Submissions Guidelines 2024