Streamlining Transactions

The purpose of this guide is to speed up the process for selling and buying UK real estate and minimise execution risk. This should increase the liquidity of real estate, which remains an issue exacerbated by the cost and time involved in undertaking transactions, whether at asset level or within a corporate wrapper. 

The guide outlines what sellers and buyers should be doing at each stage of the transaction. At the start, the onus lies with the seller to streamline the process but as the transaction progresses there is an expectation that both seller and buyer will facilitate the sale and acquisition process. 

This guide is the latest edition of the publication formerly known as ‘Readiness for Sale’, which was first published in 1996 and updated in 2012.

Streamlining Transactions 2018


Readiness for Sale - Checklist (Streamlining Transactions Appendix 2)