Environmental, Social & Governance Interest Group

Formed in 2006, the IPF Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Interest Group (formerly known as the Sustainability Interest Group) focuses on the relationship between sustainability and the property investment market. The Group recognises sustainability to encompass environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors which are essential components of responsible property investment (RPI).

The objectives of ESG Interest Group are to:

  • Inform and educate the property investment community on the impact of RPI approaches, ESG risks and opportunities and related policy responses on the value of property investments. 
  • Identify and promote examples of best practice in RPI. 
  • Promote common standards pertaining to RPI approaches. 
  • Support property investment professionals in understanding their role in the transition to a low carbon economy.

The Group has the following priorities:

  • To engage with and respond to policy makers and other industry bodies on the development and promotion of RPI and related ESG issues in the property industry.
  • To ensure that any ESG-orientated regulation and legislation that impacts the market for property investment is cognisant of property investment processes and their function within the economy and takes account of the principles of RPI.
  • To provide education and research that informs the membership about the principles of RPI (and associated regulatory and policy developments in relation to ESG issues) and the impact of the implementation of such principles of the performance of property investments.

A list of the Group members can be found on our Committees & Groups page.

Towards Net Zero Leasing

Many of the institutions who invest in commercial (non-domestic) property are making their own net zero commitments in support of the commitments to limit global warming to the levels agreed in Paris at COP21. The challenge is for these institutions to meet their commitments within the constraints of current legal and market practices in the property sector. The paper below, written by the ESG Group in September 2021, outlines these barriers to adopting net zero carbon targets and makes recommendations for change.

IPF Commercial Property Investment - Towards Net Zero Leasing


The Group organises and participate in a number of events during the year on themes relevant to the market. For information on forthcoming events, please go to our Event Calendar. Presentations from previous ESG Interest Group events can be downloaded from the archive.

Members of the Group originate research proposals for consideration by the IPF Research Steering Group for funding by the Research Programme. They also advise the Research Steering Group on research proposals submitted by third parties. A list of IPF research (including those covering sustainability issues) can be found here.

The Group is affiliated with the Green Property Alliance (GPA) and liaises with other members of the GPA in discussions with Government and/or in responding to Government and other formal consultations. Please visit the GPA website for further information.