UK and European Wide Bank Lending Valuations - Market Valuations or Prudent/Long-term Valuations? (July 2022) Seminar Presentation




Seminar Presentation

The seminar will examine valuations for secured lending within the UK and Europe and will major on research undertaken into the banking supervision recommendations for valuations coming out of the Basel Accord and currently being debated across Europe by the regulators. This includes a wholly new basis of valuation termed Prudent Value. Is it different to market value? Is it similar to Mortgage Lending value as practiced in a few jurisdictions within Europe? Is the valuation profession ready and able to implement a whole new concept of value? This seminar will address these questions and showcase past research funded by the Investment Property Forum, with input from the Bank of England; a report on the most recent research steered by the major valuation self-regulatory bodies; and launch a new jointly IPF and Property Research Trust funded project on the implementation of a prudent valuation regime across Europe and Globally.

The seminar will also examine issues concerning the accuracy of market valuations within the context of another University research project using bank lending valuation data from Norway.

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