Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Emissions in International Real Estate Investment (January 2022) Full Report




Full Report

This research considers the challenges the real estate industry faces in defining and delivering net zero carbon (NZC). The study reviews existing industry efforts to frame net zero, focussing on the variation in scope, stringency and applicability of these schemes. An analysis of 18 case study buildings against their applicable scheme targets shows the challenges in aligning with a net zero pathway that is not only dependent on the asset type/location but also the scheme used to frame that pathway.

The conclusions of the study are embodied in definitions to frame different stages of a net zero transition (at the building level) and a recommended set of robust principles to underpin net zero in real estate. Recommendations are also provided for the integration of these principles into best practice within the market, together with a set of actions that real estate investors and asset managers can act upon immediately.

A summary version of the report is also available, which may be accessed in the Related Resources section on this page.