IPSX Briefing: The Case for Real Estate for first time investors (February 2019) Seminar Presentation




Seminar Presentation

The investment case for real estate is well proven. With tangible assets, attractive and stable income returns as well as demonstrable economic benefit, real estate has long been the preferred asset class for many funds and investors. 

But there are many barriers to investment that can be off putting for first time investors. Large lot sizes, the need for professional skills to understand operational costs and the difficulties in acquiring stock are all real challenges. 

The costs to invest, especially professional fund management fees, can also be off putting for new investors not familiar with fund structures.

In this seminar, IPSX has drawn together a panel of experts who will share what to look for and how a new real estate securities exchange will help make real estate an investment asset class for a wider community of investors. Drawing on the findings of a new research paper to be published by Real Estate Strategies that considers the business case for real estate, the session will conclude by considering the emerging trends for the real estate market for 2019.

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