Global Capital Flows in a World of Increasing Nationalism & Protectionism (November 2019) Seminar Video






IPF Research Programme Seminar held at Wedlake Bell LLP on 19 November 2019.

David Inskip, CBRE Global Investors

Matthew Richardson, Didobi Ltd
Stephen Ryan, Didobi Litd
Anna Walker, Control Risks

Giles King, Mayfair Capital Investment Management Ltd
Alistair Meadows, JLL

After a long period of stability leading up to the Global Financial Crisis, a breakdown has emerged in the general consensus on how to deliver rising living standards and economic growth. Western democratic governments and civil institutions are increasingly challenged by the demands of individuals and growing power of global businesses. Different views about national identity and sovereignty are changing politics. The rules-based international order established after the Second World War is under pressure and facing an uncertain future.

This study considers what a more nationalist and protectionist world may look like and what it could entail for real estate investors in the future. This research is specifically intended to provide insights for market participants who, by 2030, could be operating in a very different environment to that of 2019.

This seminar provides an opportunity to hear first-hand from the authors of this study, who will present their predictions, followed by a panel discussion including leading industry participants, commenting on potential implications for the real estate industry.

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