'Readiness for Sale' - Streamlining Commercial Property Transactions

In 1995,  a working party was set up by the IPF to consider existing procedures for the acquisition and disposal of real estate and to recommend improvements that would speed up the sale and purchase disposal process. The consultation led to the publication of ‘Readiness for Sale’ in 1996.

16 years on, property in the UK continues to represent, approximately 7%-8% of the total investment market (by value). Liquidity remains an issue exacerbated by the cost and time involved in undertaking transactions and it is clear that ensuring a property is ‘ready for sale’ is even more crucial in challenging economic times as prices are often renegotiated and funders become increasingly selective on assets and their sponsors. Against this background and the increasing use of technology and corporate wrappers, the IPF decided to review the 1996 publication and constituted a new Working Group in 2011. The second edition of 'Readiness for Sale' was published in May 2012.

'Readiness for Sale' A Guide for Streamlining Commercial Property Transactions (May 2012)


Readiness for Sale - Checklist