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IPF/ERES/INREV Joint Round Table: Real Estate Derivatives




9:00AM – 1:00PM

College Hotel, Roelof Hartstraat 1, Amsterdam, 1071 VE

Financial derivatives are one of the main key features of modern financial and investment markets and are widely used to manage risks and exposures in equity, commodity, credit and money markets.
Real estate is the only major asset class that does not have a fully developed derivatives market. The heterogeneous nature of real estate has posed challenges for the development of a liquid derivatives market, with index tracking derivatives being the best credible solution so far.

Together with the European Real Estate Society (ERES) and the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV), IPF has been exploring the derivative opportunities for real estate within Europe, how they work, what is required and what the various applications could be, as well as the barriers to entry.

Join our breakfast round table in Amsterdam on 8 November to be part of this discussion.



    Marc Francke

    University of Amsterdam

    Peter Van Gool

    University of Amsterdam

    Zoltan Szelyes

    Credit Suisse


    David Geltner

    MIT Center for Real Estate

    Jon Masters

    Arca Property Risk Management


    David Hedalen

    Aberdeen Standard Investments

    Ian Cullen

    Jim Sempere

    Marieke Van Kamp

    ING Insurance Benelux/Nationale-Nederlanden

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