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IEIF/Green Soluce Webinar: ESG Trends in European Real Estate Investment




9:00AM – 11:00AM

What are the ESG best practices, priorities and challenges for real estate investment in Europe?
This event will outline the key findings of a study of sustainable investment in the real estate sector in Europe, led by Green Soluce and IEIF, in partnership with nine leading European real estate organisations, being EPRA and INREV, together with the Danish Property Federation, IPF, IVBN, the Norwegian Property Federation, RAKLI, Wire Spain and ZIA.

The presentation of the study’s results will be followed by a panel discussion between leading European fund managers, property companies and institutional investors.

10:00am CET - Welcome remarks
• Ella Etienne-Denoy, CEO of Green Soluce
• Lonneke Löwik, CEO of INREV
• Dominique Moerenhout, CEO of EPRA
10:10am CET - Presentation on the study results
• Christian de Kerangal, CEO of IEIF
• David Dezecot, Sustainable Finance Director at Green Soluce
10:45am CET - Panel discussion

ESG trends in European real estate investment: new challenges, opportunities and how to move forward
• Nicolas Jandot, ESG Director, Gecina
• Christopher Wright, Head of ESG Risk Monitoring, Norges Bank Investment Management
• Abigail Dean, Global Head of Strategic Insights, Nuveen Real Estate
Moderated by Ella Etienne-Denoy, CEO of Green Soluce

11:45am CET - Concluding remarks
• Christian de Kerangal, CEO of IEIF



    Christian De Kerangal


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