Research Proposals

The IPF welcomes research proposals from those looking to undertake research in Real Estate Investment. The Research Programme aims to address 'industry issues' and, in doing so, support the wider objectives of the Forum to enhance the knowledge, understanding and efficiency of property as an investment.  Research proposals are considered by the IPF Research Steering Group, a committee of industry practitioners with a wealth of experience in both research and practice.

The types of research ideas that the IPF will consider taking forward will be those that meet the IPF's overall aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of property as an investment asset class (both to property professionals, and to those outside property), or that supports or develops: new or improves existing forms of real estate investment; improvements in the functioning of the property investment market in the UK; or the activities of the IPF.  Preference will be given to proposals that: improve the functioning and efficiency of the market; ensure property receives a fair hearing with investment asset allocators; or provide a sound empirical platform for initiating and informing debate at the highest levels of government.   

In terms of research themes, specific areas of interest comprise:

  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio selection
  • Asset management

Additionally, the Research Programme seeks to support five issues of concern identified by the IPF membership, being to enhance the understanding of:

  • How property is financed and funded
  • The impact of regulation and legislation
  • Sustainability
  • Internationalisation of real estate
  • Residential property investment

Proposals that clearly specify how the findings of such research are to be disseminated and, where applicable, how researchers will engage with industry practitioners to encourage the adoption of new approaches will be looked on with greater favour.

IPF Research Programme 2015-18 research submission guidelines

If you would like to discuss a potential research proposal prior to submission, please contact Pam Craddock, IPF Research Director.


UK Residential Investment & Attitudes Survey
The IPF wishes to commission a third party to undertake this annual survey of institutional/large-scale investor attitudes and intentions in relation to the UK residential sector, which research has previously been conducted in-house.

IPF UK Residential Investment & Attitudes Survey Invitation to Tender March 2017

The deadline for submissions is close of business, Tuesday 18 April 2017. 
If you would like to discuss your proposal prior to submission, please contact Pam Craddock, IPF Research Director.

Managing Currency Risk in Real Estate Investment
The issue of currency risk has become a more pressing topic for investors and fund managers alike, as current market conditions, not least Brexit, have caused currency volatility and, by implication, the cost of hedging to increase. The IPF considers it timely, therefore, to undertake research on this subject, in order to provide greater insight into how currency exposures are managed.

IPF Managing Currency Risk Invitation to Tender April 2017

The deadline for submissions is close of business, Monday, 8 May 2017.
If you would like to discuss your proposal prior to submission, please contact Pam Craddock, IPF Research Director.

Current research

The Changing Sources of Real Estate Debt Capital Flows: Facts & Implications
The research team led by Hans Vrensen is about to conclude this research, the results of which will be available for publication shortly. A seminar to present the findings to members will take place on the morning of Tuesday, 25 April, which will also be video-recorded.

An Investigation of Hurdle Rates in the Real Estate Investment Process
The Universities of Cambridge and Aberdeen have concluded their investigation of the use of hurdle rates in the investment decision making process. The report is due to be published in April and members will have an opportunity to attend a presentation of the findings later that month/ early May.

Costing Energy Efficiency Improvements in Existing Commercial Buildings
Currie & Brown Ltd. has been commissioned to update previous research on this topic, published in 2012. This revision will go beyond refreshing the numbers in the earlier report to include new data and financial analysis. The report should be ready for publication in late Q2, 2017.

It is recommended that you visit this page at regular intervals, as details of new research tenders will be posted here, as well as in the IPF eNews.