Responses to Consultations

Although the IPF is not a lobbying organisation, the objective nature of the work which it undertakes means that its viewpoint is welcomed by Government and regulators alike. It has therefore actively engaged with Government on a number of key issues.

The IPF’s position on ‘lobbying’ has been clarified and the following statement has been developed:

"The IPF may opine publicly on any issue which impacts (positively or negatively) on the efficiency of real property as an investment class. In doing so, it will, where relevant, acknowledge the existence of competing viewpoints from the perspective of other social or economic interests or other asset classes. It will express its opinions as objectively as possible, in a manner calculated to educate and inform and, whenever possible, based on thorough research."


If you feel that the IPF should be responding on any specific consultations - either industry or government - please contact Sue Forster, Chief Executive