2021 Invitation for Research Proposals

£9,000/€10,000/$12,500 Grants Available to Fund Real Estate Research

Submission Deadline for Proposals NOW EXTENDED TO 30 SEPTEMBER 2021

To encourage and support research from new or recent entrants to the real estate investment industry, including graduate students and junior practitioners, the IPF has established a grants scheme to provide financial assistance. Real estate investment-related projects involving researchers from different disciplines also are welcome, although research to be undertaken by industry professionals is strongly encouraged.

The initial closing date for applications is now 30 September 2021 although further invitations for proposals may be issued at later dates in the year.

On completion, reports must include a two-page executive summary that encapsulates the research thesis, key results and, where appropriate, next steps.
Authors should note that a separate, non-technical summary, that emphasizes implications for industry practitioners or investors with a limited background in quantitative analysis, is also a requirement.

Research projects that are funded and successfully completed may be eligible for presentation to the IPF’s Research Steering Group (RSG) and/or to IPF members via webinar.

Research Priorities

To advance the real estate investment industry’s understanding of the implications for real estate pricing, risk-adjusted performance and investment strategy, research proposals should address one of the major themes of asset allocation, portfolio selection and asset management or related topical investment issues, including (but not confined to):
  • How property is financed and funded;
  • Sustainable investment/impact investing;
  • Internationalisation of real estate investment; and
  • Alternative real assets.

Research Submission Requirements

  • Only one proposal per research team may be submitted;
  • Proposals may involve research that is already underway, but not substantially complete, at the time of application;
  • Proposal must be in Word format and not exceed six (6) pages in length, doubled spaced, including references and attachments (but excluding resumés);
  • Only emailed proposals will be accepted;
  • The deadline for receipt of proposals is midnight BST, Thursday 30 September 2021.
Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered, nor will faxed or mailed hardcopy proposals.
To facilitate processing, applicants should present their proposal in accordance with the following structure:
Cover Page: Project title, name of researcher(s), organisational affiliation(s), contact details for each researcher (including daytime telephone number and email address), and a one-paragraph abstract of the proposal.
Section 1. Research objective, stating the question or issue to be investigated.
Section 2. Concise description of methodology; complex proposals may benefit from a diagram or flow chart presentation of the approach, in addition to the narrative.
Section 3. (a) Description of principal data sets and availability (this will be a major factor in assessing proposals); and (b) Plan for procuring third-party data in a timely manner, if the research will be reliant on third-party data.
Section 4. Research project timetable.
Appendices. A one-page resumé for each of the principal researchers, showing experience and understanding of the research topic evidenced by selective references to previous work experience, presentations and/or publications.

Applicants proposing to use data that are neither in hand or readily available are advised to include detailed descriptions of data sources, costs and timelines for acquisition in their submission.
Grants may be reduced in value by the cost of data acquisition if the IPF is able to source the required data.

Grant Procedure

Proposals will be evaluated by the Research Grants Committee (RGC) of the IPF’s RSG.
Following selection by the RGC, one or more members of the RSG may be assigned to oversee the research project.

Funding Schedule

Funding of up to £9,000/€10,000/$12,500 is available for individual projects. The IPF reserves the right to fund a different amount. Reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed, if necessary for the execution of the research. Note any grant awarded does not extend to funding of university overhead expenses.

Payment will be made upon completion of the research to the satisfaction of the RGC, unless expenditure on data acquisition can be justified at the outset of the project. 
Such satisfaction includes:

  1. A substantive draft report produced by 28 February 2022, and
  2. Delivery of the research report to the RGC by a pre-agreed date, to be established at the time of confirmation of the grant. (See also 2021 Grants Timetable below.) 

At the RGC’s discretion, researchers may be invited to present their results to the RSG.

2021 Research Grants Timetable

Midnight BST, Thursday 30 September 2021 Deadline for receipt of proposals to IPF. Proposals received after this time will not be considered.
October 2021 RGC evaluation of applications.
31 October 2021 Notification of funding decision emailed to applicants and allocation of RSG member(s) to oversee study.
31 December 2021 Interim results/update to RGC.
31 January 2022 Deadline for submission of draft papers and executive summaries to RGC.
Overseers to provide final comments on papers.
28 February 2022 (or such later date as may be agreed on awarding the grant)

Final papers to be submitted to RGC.
RGC to review and select papers for publication and presentation.

Q2 2022 Presentation(s) of invited papers (either individually or with others) to the RSG and/or IPF membership.

Proposals and information requests should be addressed to IPF Research Director, Pam Craddock at: [email protected].

The deadline for applications, including proposals, is midnight 30 September 2021.

2021 IPF Request for Research Proposals