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IPF Commissions Major Review of Size & Structure of UK Property Market

27 Jul 2018

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The IPF first published research into the size and structure of the UK property market in 2005, which established a method of estimation and compiled data to provide breakdowns by property type, location and investor type, as well as a comparison of real estate investment with the size of the overall UK stock of commercial property and other investment markets. This research was subsequently updated and expanded in 2013-14, to provide more detailed analysis, including changes in market structure and investor holdings (both UK and overseas), with annual updates following in subsequent years.

The IPF has commissioned Cass Business School, led by Professor Tony Key, in association with Intrinsic Value Real Estate Advisers, to undertake a thorough review of this research, which will include a rigorous review of methodologies and an exploration of the new data sources that have emerged over the 13 years since the original study. Rob Martin, Director of Research at LGIM Real Assets, is chairing the Project Steering Group (PSG), which, together with Dr. Ed Trevillion, Honorary Professor, Heriot-Watt University and Sue Forster, Chief Executive of the IPF, will oversee the research.

An end-2017 update of the UK market will be available before the year end and the full report and end-2018 update are due to be published in Q2 2019.