Research Programme 2015-2018

The IPF Research Programme has a reputation for delivering high quality, rigorous and independent research, concentrating on issues relevant to the market.  Thanks to the generosity of the current sponsoring organisations, over £1 million has been pledged to support one of the biggest UK-based research programmes that focuses specifically on real estate investment.

2015-2018 SPONSORS


The objectives of the Research Programme reinforce those of the IPF, through enhancing the understanding and efficiency of property as an investment, including public, private, equity, debt and synthetic exposure, for its members and other interested parties.  All our research aims to support these objectives.  We commission and publish broadly three different types of work:

  • Major research reports that generally address key issues for the market such as risk, liquidity, depreciation and sustainability.  Full and summary reports are ordinarily published to document the findings of these investigations.  
  • Short Papers, which focus on specific and topical issues in the market and comprise a single paper on publication.
  • Regular reports - these currently include: 
    • the UK Consensus Forecast (quarterly)
    • the European Consensus Forecast (6-monthly)
    • Size and Structure of the UK Property Market (annual)
    • Residential Investment Survey (annual)


All reports are held in the Resource Library.  Full reports are available for downloading free of charge by IPF members.  Members will need to log in to access all full reports.  Summary reports and Short Papers can be downloaded free of charge by non-members.

Please click on the links for details of the IPF Research Programme 2011-2015IPF Research Programme 2006-2009, and the IPF/IPF Educational Trust Joint Research Programme 2003-2006.


UK Consensus Forecasts

2018 dates
23 February
25 May
7 September
30 November

2017 dates
24 February
26 May
1 September
24 November

European Prime Office Rents Forecasts

2018 dates
11 May
10 November

2017 dates
12 May
10 November

The IPF produces an ad hoc research newsletter listing ongoing research and completed projects supported by the IPF Research Programme. The newsletter also contains listings of current research projects being supported by the AREF, BCO, BCSC, BPF, PIA and RICS. Historic newsletters can be found in the Resource Library.

Research Newsletter (Autumn 2017)

In addition, the IPF emails a regular Research Digest to members, which is a update on the current activity of the Research Programme.


Proposals are invited for the following research that the IPF wishes to commission:
Current Practices in Benchmarking Real Estate Investment Performance 
A study to investigate the range and application of benchmarks within private real estate as an asset class. The research will examine the selection, composition and use of benchmarks by a range of investor types in the context of UK market practice.
The closing date for this tender is Monday 29 January 2018. Submissions should adhere to the IPF Guidelines (as below).

 IPF Benchmarking RE Investment Performance Invitation to Tender (Dec 2017)

Occupational Drivers of Investment Performance in Real Estate Sectors
Given the importance of income as a component of real estate returns, the IPF wishes to commission a series of studies across a range of property types, to identify key characteristics that drive tenant demand, commencing with the logistics sector. Researchers are expected to provide original insights into the subject, with the focus on the investment implications of change to sector performance.

The closing date for this tender is Monday 5 February 2018. Submissions should adhere to the IPF Guidelines (as above).

IPF Research Occupational Drivers of Performance Invitation to Tender (Jan 2018)

Should you wish to discuss either of these research proposals, please contact Pam Craddock.


We welcome proposals for research pieces. As a starting point please download our submission guidelines. If you would like to discuss your proposal further, please contact Pam Craddock.
IPF Research Programme 2015-18 research submission guidelines